Nova Marshall

This work combined prop making and making for display in museums. I created the padlock as a prop and created a display using perspex.


This work was displayed in a glass cabinet at the Guildhall Museum in Rochester, where it was placed on to a glass shelf with direct light shining upon it. This created a combination of lightness and glow as well as creating great shadows and reflection.


Overall, I wanted to design a display that suited my object (padlock). I wanted to create a simple, strong design that showed it off but also put the object in context. I like the fluidity that the curved line creates in the empty space. With the perspex being triangular in shape and ending in a point with a perspex chain hanging off the end creates the feeling of vulnerability although the chain is seen as a visual representation of strength.  The open padlock hanging from the end of the chain enhances the vulnerability further still.

Broken Hearted, 2008

perspex, screen printing


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