Nova Marshall

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This site-specific sculptural sound installation explores the rich history of women in society. The large crinoline-cage explores themes of sexuality, gender, desire and repression within traditional Victorian society, whilst the sound represents a contemporary, modern-day view of a collective of women unified by common interest and passions. Nova often uses sound to create a visual representation in the viewer’s mind. Site plays an important part in her work; interesting sites are an on-going source of inspiration.


With very special thanks to the visitor’s of the church’s coffee morning for their interesting conversations which were secretly recorded, and carefully edited!

“When our ability to decode spatial attributes is sufficiently developed using a wide range of acoustic cues, we can readily visualise objects and spatial geometry: we can 'see' with our ears.”









Barry Blesser

Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?: Experiencing Aural Architecture (2007)

Inamorata, 2012

site-specific sculpture and sound installation

Inamorata02 Inamorata01 Inamorata (3) Sound Piece