Nova Marshall

A fine art site-specific exhibition at the Eastbridge Hospital in Canterbury High Street from Saturday 14th - Saturday 21st April 2012. Six artists responded to the space and created their work.


I created two pieces of work; 'A Pilgrim's Road' is my response to the research in to pilgrims and pilgrimages. Pilgrims carried money to pay tolls, make offerings at shrines, to purchase tokens and relics during their journey and at their destination. Tokens included bells, badges bearing the red cross, shells, the Virgin Mary and coins.


'Deva' is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning ‘shining one’. The sun is a guide, the light, the energy and a highly religious symbol. The sun is everything.



Journey, 2012

DSCF9215 DSCF9218 DSCF9221 DSCF9227

A Pilgrim's Road