Nova Marshall

Broken Hearted, 2008 Boudoir, 2010 Urban Spaces, 2010 Book Arts, 2007 Sensorium, 2011 Black Top, 2007 20 DSCF9221

Sensorium experiments with sound using a redundant church as a site in East Peckham near Maidstone, Kent (owned by The Churches Conservation Trust).

Sensorium, 2011

This site-specific sculptural sound installation explores the rich history of women in society, as part of the Art in Romney Marsh Festival (AiRM) 2012.


Inamorata, 2012


Once I Caught A Fish represented an eclectic mix of four Kent-based artists all exploring the sea.

The Seabathers, 2012

Journey, 2012

A fine art site-specific exhibition at the Eastbridge Hospital in Canterbury High Street from Saturday 14th - Saturday 21st April 2012.

This photographic work took place in a disused concrete urban car park that was dark, grim and seedy that had a real sense of danger and discomfort.

Community Curator Project,

Artist-in-Residence, Tunbridge Wells Museum & Gallery exploring the theme of ‘Environment’, as part of  a Cultural Olympiad-funded project.

Community Curators, 2012

Urban Space, 2010

Boudoir, 2009

Boudoir explores themes of sexuality, desire, the erotic, love and repression especially within Victorian society.

This work combined prop making and making for display in museums. I created the padlock as a prop and created a display using perspex.

Broken Hearted, 2008

Nan, 2007

Black Top was created back in 2007 was my first university project.

This work explores book arts and the definition of what book art is.

Black Top, 2007

2013-08-13 11.25.27

Current work -

in progress

St George's Summer School, 2013

Development of a new installation inspired by early memories.

2013-08-16 14.39.27

A site-specific art installation set within the grounds of the school. Artwork was created by a number of 11 year olds.

Life in techniCOLOUR

Project, 2013

Lead artist working with a group of young people from Thanet on a colour project with Turner Contemporary.

Paint03 New Work