Nova Marshall

This work explores book arts and the definition of what book art is. Through this method I explored my relationship with my Nan; this is my altered art book.


Notes from a conversation with Katie, October 2007


She says that over time she has made decisions that, in the end, were not right and that stopped her achieving what she really wanted to in life. She talks about caring for her Mum, her husband, her brother in law, her man friend – who all ended up dying. She always says Why me? When is it going to be my turn?


Ultimately I feel caught up in what seems to be a very strange place, this is not my life but hers. Part of me feels like I am seeing the deeper, dark side of my Nan. However, there is so much that I love about her – she is completely bonkers and a bit silly. She is a rare woman for her age; she has lived a great life but maybe not the life she expected.

Nan, 2007

Wood, paper, metal, screen printing

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Kathleen Eileen Weller

30th October 1929 - 17th October 2009