Nova Marshall

Wyatt Street is the road in which I lived and spent much of my childhood. Recent events have triggered memories, which I started working through by a creating series of photographs. I have since developed the idea and am creating an installation made from red wool and various objects placed within the deep woven space.


I recently visited the street and not much has changed since I lived there. Surfaces seem to play a great part in the photographs that I have taken - the distinct ragstone brick and the grey concrete bricks - which I spent my time inscribing into. I even confessed to shooting JR Ewing by inscribing ‘I Shot JR'.

“When our ability to decode spatial attributes is sufficiently developed using a wide range of acoustic cues, we can readily visualise objects and spatial geometry: we can 'see' with our ears.”









Barry Blesser

Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?: Experiencing Aural Architecture (2007)


Wyatt Street Sign NM 4 Exposure

Photographic work inspired by Margate. Living and working in Margate I notice various street grafitti, often quite thought provoking. I am documenting work as I find it.


New Work