Nova Marshall

Once I Caught a Fish represented an eclectic mix of four Kent-based artists all exploring the sea through different means and journeys from fascinating objects in clay, paintings, paper and dazzling textile installations to live reports from the Walking Boat. The exhibition took place at The Pie Factory in Margate from 16th - 29th August 2012 and the other artists included Mike Hutchins, Wendy Smith and Sharon Potter.


The Seabathers takes the form of five swimming costumes on a washing line, featuring site-specific images from Margate. This work responds to the traditions of a typical British seaside town and the urbanised environment of Margate.


What they said...


Great space and superb paintings and textiles. Good mix of artworks. Swimming costume line very thought provoking. Superb place to visit.

“When our ability to decode spatial attributes is sufficiently developed using a wide range of acoustic cues, we can readily visualise objects and spatial geometry: we can 'see' with our ears.”









Barry Blesser

Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?: Experiencing Aural Architecture (2007)

The Seabathers, 2012

Site-specific installation - swimming costumes, heat transfer images

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