Nova Marshall

Sensorium experiments with sound using a redundant church as a site in East Peckham near Maidstone, Kent (owned by The Churches Conservation Trust). My work explores my emotional and psychological connection with this particular space. I used sound as the main medium to communicate my thoughts and for the sound to create a visual representation in the viewer/listener’s mind. Sound has opened up new avenues of research in to aural architecture - how different architectural spaces influence how you feel and behave – and exploring the idea of how we can ‘see’ with our ears. I want to create work that the viewer/listener can immerse themselves in, to have a very personal experience. I also explored other mediums including film and camera-less photography to attempt to visually represent the ethereal quality of the work though sound is the main focus of this exhibition.


A collaboration between the artist, The Churches Conservation Trust, the Friends of St. Michael’s and The Kent County Association of Change Ringers (KCACR).

Church Postcard Image Artist Postcard

“When our ability to decode spatial attributes is sufficiently developed using a wide range of acoustic cues, we can readily visualise objects and spatial geometry: we can 'see' with our ears.”









Barry Blesser

Spaces Speak, Are You Listening?: Experiencing Aural Architecture (2007)

Sensorium, 2011

site-specific sound installation

Sensorium Soundscape