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August 2015 // St George's Summer School, Gravesend



aim4 worked together with St George’s C of E School in Gravesend to design a bespoke programme of activities covering a range of art forms and practices to run two one-week projects that culminated in the students creating a site-specific art installation on a couple of the school's building inlcuding the Science and Hairdressing blocks.


The aim was for the students to create a high quality inspirational space to be enjoyed by the whole school.


Students developed creative skills in a number of art forms, experimented with new ideas, worked with different text as stimuli, developed individual and team work skills whilst becoming more accustomed with their new school environment.


What the parents said...


'Joel has had a great time and much happier and confident about starting St George’s.'


'Jacob has had a wonderful time and we are grateful for the opportunity we have had to make new friends.'


'We believe that summer school has helped Katie develop new friends and will set her up well for next year. Thank you for all your hard work.'


'Nancy has really enjoyed her week at summer school and great to see what they’ve done and much fun they’ve had! Thank you very much.'


'Maisey has really enjoyed her time at summer school. All their work looks really great. Thank you so much.'


'Fantastic week had by Archie. A great way to meet other children and make friends to help with starting school. Many thanks.'


Dear All,

Thank you so much for an amazing week! Nancy really enjoyed herself and its given her so much confidence! She has been so excited to come each day and has met and made lots of new friends! With many thanks.

Kay & Jon Page

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