Nova Marshall

July - August 2015 // The Summer Reading Challenge


KCC Canterbury Library

Libraries, Registration and Archives

Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury


The idea for each of the workshops was based on a recycling challenge - creating works of art out of rubbish inspired by The Summer Reading Challenge 2015! Themes included:


1. Cool Tech

2. Way to Go!

3. The Big Stuff

4. Animal Magic

5. People Power

6. Action! Adventure!


At the start of each workshop, each participant was asked to find out two 'Fascinating Facts: Did you know…?’ based on Guinness World Records. Each child created at least one artwork, which was then displayed alongside their 'fascinating fact'.


We used the children’s library window area to create an art installation that promoted the Summer Reading Challenge over the course of the summer and the artwork that had been created at each workshop.


Drop-in making sessions took place on:


Friday 31st July, 1pm - 4pm

Friday 14th August, 1pm - 4pm

Friday 28th August, 1pm - 4pm  

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