Nova Marshall

January - April 2015 // The Beaney Gang Workshops


KCC Canterbury Library

Libraries, Registration and Archives

Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury


Come and join The Beaney Gang! - as part of Mystery, Magic and Midnight Feasts: The Many Adventures of Enid Blyton


Each child that attended each workshop signed up to be part of The Beaney Gang. For each workshop they attended the card was stamped; the remaining 4 stamps could be collected for each book they borrowed from the library. Once all eight stamps were collected they could claim their REWARD!


Workshops included:


Saturday 31st January: Create Your Own Survival Kit

This involved participants making their own note pad, telescope, torch, water bottle  using origami paper, a compass, secret code writing, a rope (basic finger knitting) and knot making - using craft materials.


Tuesday 17th February: Create A Puppet

Participants created puppets based on your favourite Enid Blyton character.


Saturday 28th March: Codes and Secrets

Participants created their own secret codes to reveal top secret messages.


Saturday 18th April: Sheds and Dens

Participants created their own secret dens using Ez-Fort and fabrics, blankets and pegs.

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